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Colorado Springs Model Homes

Caretakers of America specialize in home caring, turning any vacant Colorado Springs home for sale on the market into a model home. Caretakers allows prospective buyers the ability to envision the potential of the living space in front of them. Homebuying can be overwhelming at times, and after a while vacant homes start to look the same. But Caretakers “sets the scene” and eliminates much of the guesswork allowing your buyers to visualize what the home really offers. There is a reason models homes sell faster. Make your home search easy and visit a home by Caretakers today.

Colorado Springs Homes For Sale

For homesellers, Caretakers of America adds that special touch to your Colorado Springs home for sale. Rather than sitting vacant for prolonged periods of time, your home will have a pre-screened Caretakers living on-site throughout the homeselling process. This keeps your home in showing condition at all times. Homes with Caretakers sell faster because model homes are memorable, and since this service is provided free of charge, Caretakers of America can save you valuable time and money. Not only that, but Caretakers can also increases the selling price. Take the stress out of selling your Colorado Springs home and call Caretakers of America today!

Colorado Springs Rental Homes

For those looking to rent temporary housing in Colorado Springs, Caretakers of America provide excellent opportunities to rent upscale Colorado Springs homes for sale for a fraction of the cost. This can be an excellent solution for those saving to buy a home providing a wonderful opportunity to try out different neighborhoods before you buy. Caretakers reside in the property and maintain the home in showing condition until the home sells. So for people justing moving to the area, and not sure of the location they want to be in, or waiting for the completion of their new home being built, caretaking is the perfect solution with no long term commitments to worry about.

Caretakers of America
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Sharon Wilson

P.O.Box 25745
Colorado Springs, CO 80936

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